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About Shacksbarn and Buckingham RDA

Buckingham RDA was started in 1977 with two riders who rode at Mary and Theodore Connors’ stables at Stowe on Monday mornings. The group expanded and moved through a variety of venues over the years, Stowe, Chackmore, Radclive, Finmere and Greenacres Livery Stables at Puxley, always borrowing ponies from kind and generous owners. In


1998 Jackie started a small group of six young people riding at Shacks Barn Farm using her own ponies and horses together with those of friends, she asked if the group could be a branch of Buckingham RDA to avoid the hassle of creating a new group.


In 2003 Buckingham RDA merged with Greenacres RDA, a long established group who ride on Tuesdays and Fridays at Greenacres Livery Stables. Some helpers already worked with both groups and a merger seemed an obvious way forward in pooling resources and cutting costs. The whole group continued to thrive and grow and in 2010 their numbers reached a total of 60 plus with Shacks Barn accounting for nearly half the number and it was decided to divide into separate groups at each venue, so Buckingham & Greenacres RDA operate at Puxley with Shacks Barn & Buckingham RDA riding at Silverstone, near Towcester.

Riding has been proved time and time again to be an excellent therapy under three headings of physical, mental and social. Riding can provide exercise, mental stimulation, challenges not met elsewhere, fun with friends and so much more.

Shacks Barn & Buckingham RDA is a member group of The Riding for the Disabled Association which co-ordinates all groups ensuring standards of safety and teaching and providing information and training opportunities.

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