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Riding with us

Riding sessions are taken by a trained instructor and each rider has up to three helpers according to his/her level of competence. Rides take place in an outdoor arena and sometimes for a special treat when the weather is really fine everyone goes off into the countryside riding around the fields and hedgerows. If the weather is not suitable for riding we can use the purpose built barn for other horse related activities such as grooming. Riders have to have provide medical information and in fact several are recommended for riding by their physiotherapists. We have an RDA physiotherapist we call on for guidance and advice.
We provide the riders with safety helmets and a group logo sweatshirt on a loan basis so they can be exchanged for the next size when required. We also loan boots and jodhpurs from a large collection we have acquired over the years. We ask parents to make a donation towards the cost of  keeping the horses and the venue hire etc. Some of the horses and ponies we use are loaned to us by kind private owners, others are loaned to our group and one is owned by the group. They are first tested and judged for their suitability for RDA work in riding sessions using able bodied riders.
All referrals go onto our waiting list and we do our best to accommodate them as soon as possible but we are limited by the availability of suitable ponies, numbers of helpers and Instructors and lastly, time.
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